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The Grove

September 5th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I had lunch at The Grove in Westlake  today www.thegrovewinebar.com

The weather was amazing today in Austin so we decided to sit outside.  This is such a cozy, pretty place and the outdoor seating area  is breezy with lots of shade… Today the sun was like natures disco ball in the sky. The “Big Ass Fan”(that is what it is really called) that makes it so nice and breezy out on the patio was whirling around and around right under the sun creating a disco ball effect over most of the patio.  Anyway,  it was fun and I do  love this place.  Plus, the salad that I had was very tasty and healthy.  I ordered the Seared Ahi Tuna Steak Salad.  It’s a pretty simple salad;  mixed greens, avocado,mandarin orange slices, and a chunk of rare sesame seed crusted ahi tuna steak. It comes topped with won ton strips, but to cut down on fat and calories I ordered it without those.  I also traded out the REALLY salty soy sauce dressing for a lighter sesame balsamic. It was really yummy and filling.  On the menu they have about 5 salads to choose from, all seemingly pretty healthy if you order them the right way.  Go for vinaigrette  dressings, they tend to be lighter and of course stay away from anything fried on your salad. Don’t be shy to ask if they have fat free dressings or to hold certain things off of your entree.  There you have it! Go eat The Grove, it’s good!

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