Ashly has taught me an approach to exercise that I can carry with me for the rest of my life as a core fitness program. No more excuses.

Her nutrition tips and ideas have changed my eating habits for the long haul too and I don’t feel deprived. Finally, this all seems do-able. Plus she’s fun and kind. Thanks, Ashly!”

– Joelle Boehle, Client

I, in the first 6 weeks of being under Ashly’s care,  have lost 10lbs and 5 ½ inches!

Not to mention,  affording a personal trainer was an empty dream until I met Ashly!”

– Connie Cude, Client

I want to THANK YOU for the workouts, it is changing my life! I see changes happening!

– Sara Clyborne, Client

You showed me that being on a diet was not so bad. You encouraged me every time I even mentioned the word diet, to look at it like a lifestyle change instead. After about 3 weeks, I began to notice a difference in the chronic health issues I had been experiencing: poor sleep, chronic heart burn, shortness of breath. I was finally sleeping thru the night, I stopped having to eat 2-3 antacid’s a day, and this alone kept me motivated to continue with these positive changes. When the weight started coming off… a pound here… 2 pounds there, you had me completely buying into this program, and even encouraging others to do the same. Soon I was buying new clothes, and my self-esteem began to climb. I was becoming stronger everyday with our workouts, and doing things that for the last 8 years, I had only sat on the couch, day dreaming that I could do one day.

Most trainers would have only done their job, what they get paid for, like leading the work outs, and telling me what to eat. Instead, you Showed Me! You invested your time and energy to make sure that I not only grew physically stronger, but mentally and emotionally as well. You always made yourself available for me to ask questions, and I cannot thank you enough. Now I consider you not only my trainer, but a close friend as well. Thank you so very much!”

– Kris Smith, Client

Less than a year ago, I was overweight and struggling with symptoms of PCOS (a common issue in women involving an inbalance of hormone levels that causes infertility, weight gain, and difficulty losing weight among other things). I was frustrated because efforts at calorie counting and exercise had failed to bring me anything more than nominal weight loss results despite my best efforts and for all of my eating “right” I didn’t feel any healthier.

When Ashly introduced me to her eating plan and told me that she knew that it could help me, I was skeptical because it seemed extreme and was different (and in some ways contrary) to everything I thought I knew about nutrition. After I did my own research into the science behind her recommendations though, I realized that this was exactly what I should be doing and began to understand why my previous efforts had failed. I immediately began following Ashly’s advice (even though I was skeptical that I could really do it for more than a brief time) and with some hard work, will power, and Ashly’s continuous support and encouragement, I lost 70 pounds in a little over 6 months. The first week or two was difficult, but as I began seeing results and feeling healthier right away I found the motivation to stick with it and my new lifestyle eventually became second nature. With Ashly’s plan I learned to control not only the amount of food that I eat, but to give my body the kind and quality of food that makes it run the way it was meant to and burn the fat away. I also learned that spending hours upon hours in the gym every week wasn’t necessary; I built lots of lean muscle and improved my cardiovascular health with 3 one-hour sessions of walking and strength training a week and even came to enjoy my workouts! Now I enjoy yoga and running, too.

This change will stick for life because I believe in it–I believe that it’s not only making me skinnier, it’s making me and my husband healthier and stronger. Ashly’s plan and all of the advice she has given me has been thoroughly researched, well thought out, and given with my goals and the demands of my life in mind. And the best part is, my PCOS symptoms are gone and I am 3 1/2 months into a healthy and happy pregnancy! This would never have been possible without the information, support, and friendship that Ashly has given me, and for that I will be forever grateful.”

– Carole Ceary, Client

“I had talked to several trainers prior to meeting Ashly; some were too intense or just too expensive. I heard Ashly on the phone with a co-worker and listening to her I knew that she would be a good fit for me. I am glad to have a trainer because I need the extra push but most importantly, Ashly has opened my eyes to what clean eating really means. It’s a work in progress but I feel like with Ashly’s help I will get to where I need to be—-happy with myself again! Working out with Ashly is like working out with a friend.

– Lisa G., Client

I started working out with Perception Fitness on December 3, 2012. Ashly is the owner, she is just amazing. She also has an eating plan/diet she designs for her clients for free- can’t beat that! I always hated working out in the past. Unless it was running a couple of miles in ideal temperatures, I didn’t want any part of it. Between not exercising and eating more like my husband, I managed to put on over 50 pounds over our almost 8 years of marriage. I tried joining gyms, training for half marathons, counting calories, but I just couldn’t stick to anything. That’s where Ashly came in to save the day!

After working out with her and following her “Basics”, I have lost 46 pounds in a little over 6 months!! My goal was originally 50… now it’s a little more, but I know I will get there thanks to all the hard work Ashly has put into making me successful! I am now running a 10 minute mile, enjoy working out and miss working out, feel better and have more energy than ever before! If you’re in the Austin area and need someone to help challenge and motivate you, I cannot recommend her enough. I know there is no way I would be where I am without her!

– Jill Kerlin, Client

“I started out with Ashly through a friend for group workouts, then transitioned to 1-1 b/c of scheduling, and in every context, Ashly is professional, knowledgable and fun. Her focus is not weight loss but overall fitness, body acceptance and mindfulness about what we do and eat and how it affects us. As someone with hypothyroid, this was hugely refreshing!

Ashly is body positive in every way. She recognized my strength and tenacity and pushed me farther than I thought capable w/o harshness or disrespect. I have never been fitter or stronger because of her. I loved my workouts with Ashly, they were also the best therapy! Now that I have moved out of state, I still hear her pushing me through workouts and keeping me on track. Perception Fitness is truly the best!”

– Pansy, Client