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Rainy Day

September 7th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

The rain had me tired today! I ain’t complainin’  though! My neck is sore from doing Bikram yesterday.  I’m not too sure if that is a good thing or not. See , the issue is that I   get a little over confident sometimes in my back bends and  I may have taken it too far.  With the rain and my neck hurting I have not done much for my own workout today.  I have demonstrated many exercises through out the day and that counts for something, right? I trained four people today, so I have been on my feet moving four about 5 hours. I am trying really hard to explain myself here 🙂 I did a little bit if an upper body workout.  I did a set of  chest flys with 12lbs. for 20 reps all the while holding my body up on a physio ball.  I also did a couple of sets of triceps,some puch ups  and about a gazillion core exercises.  I usually do most of the core moves with my clients.  Other than my back and legs it may be my favorite area of the body to work.   I may go to Yoga at Sundara tonight at 7:30, but I am going to see how I feel after my 4pm client. What are you doing today for exercise?  Please share it here 🙂  Peace.

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