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I’m Back!

Wow! I was really blind sided by the toll my wisdom teeth removal surgery took on my body.  I have been in pretty bad pain for the last 12 days.  Today is the best day yet, so that has to be a good sign.  I have really missed all of my clients and exercising myself.  I have worked out 3 times in the last 12 days and it was  at a very low intensity.Yikes! Even today I did not feel up to going to my intense cardio class at the JCC, i opted for a long walk with the dog.  I don’t want to push it. I know my body will let me know when it is ready.  I am just glad to finally not be in a lot of pain. I still have a some trouble eating, I can’t quite go all the way back to solid foods I am in the middle with soft foods. My TMJ is so flared up from my mouth being propped open for long during surgery that I can’t chew much plus my teeth are very sore! Well, I am back to the land of the living and I can’t wait to se all of you! xo

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