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Bison Meat Goodness

I am not a vegetarian but for a about a year in 2006 I stopped eating meat after seeing Fast Food Nation. 

I was never a huge meat eater,  I usually would have chicken a couple of  times a month and  red meat was a real rarity~ maybe  every couple of months.  I did not miss the meat necessarily but I think my body did.  Does that make sense? My iron was low and every now and then I would crave red meat, which I never did before I gave it up completely. I was craving like bloody very rare meat!  Anyway,   I started eating Bison Meat a couple of years ago here and there to make up for all the beef, pork and chicken I had cut out of my diet after watching many more  documentaries revealing how my food was actually processed.   What i really like about Bison meat is the outstanding nutritional value it holds in comparison to other meats.  It contains a high amount of proteins and minerals in relation to it’s caloric value compared to red meat, especially.  It’s an excellent source of iron, zinc,phosphorus,niacin,vitamin B6 and B12.  Bison has a lower fat content than beef or pork.  Because Bison’s eat a healthy diet of mostly grass they have a higher amount of Omega 3’s and CLA which work to  lower cancer risk and diabetes.   On the package that I buy it states, “no hormones added,ever.” I have heard that Bison are protected from being injected with any type of chemicals or growth hormones.  I do  encourage you to do your own research.  It has become a staple in my diet~ I make all kinds of stuff with it! I will post some recipes soon. Here are a couple of web sites I found to be knowledgeable:

www.tenderbison.com (this is the brand I buy)


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