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September 15, 2010

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Yesterday was cardio so today is my strength training day.  I worked biceps, triceps,chest,back,legs and core. Most of the exercises I do are full body functional exercises, meaning I use a wide range of muscles to  stabilize my body while targeting a certain area.  I want functional muscles, not mirror muscles 🙂 OK, well I want mirror muscles too, but most importantly I want them to function to help me with everyday activities PLUS help me to  look smokin’ 🙂 I try to do three sets on each muscle group.  I vary on how much weight I use.  Today I really mixed it up.  For example:  I started with 20 push ups to get warm.  I went straight for my back muscles after the push ups with what I call the lawn mower pull.  This move works your lats primarily but also  your legs and core as well as shoulders.  I used 15 lbs in the first set with 15 reps.  I went right to my chest press exercise  with 15 lbs and 20 reps while holding my body up on a physio ball.  Second set of back right after chest, using 20 lb. dumbbell’s X 8 reps. Chest again, moving up to 20lb. 8 reps. Lawn mower pull for my heaviest and last  set,  25lb 6 reps. One last chest set at  25 lbs. 6 reps. I did the same type of program on my biceps and triceps. After it was all over, I stretched all major muscles groups, holding each stretch for at least 30 seconds.  I did some ab  work on the BOSU ball as well as the floor and the physio ball.

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