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I’m back!

What didn’t I eat is the appropriate question…

I was only gone Friday and Saturday night, but the weekend did revolve around fun, not so good for you foods.  I did make sure I started Saturday and Sunday right with a healthy breakfast.  Both days I had oatmeal with fresh fruit and black coffee.  I think doing that gives you a little advantage over the rest of the days bad food.  It makes you feel better, anyway.  Friday night we had Crawfish  Etouffee’ and Italian Creme Cake! For lunch on Saturday I didn’t do so bad  plus Matt and I went for about a 2 mile run on the Sea Wall in Port Arthur.  It was awesome! Hot and humid as hell, but I am a glutton for punishment 🙂 I loved it! OK,  so for lunch on Saturday I had a  roast beef and cheese sandwich at the camp on a whole wheat bun with mustard and a diet coke~  not too bad. Later in the day I had a pan of crawfish, half of a congo square (chocolate brownie thing my Aunt Debbie makes…They are heavenly!) A pretty big piece of wedding cake and a ton water.  Sunday for lunch we went out to the Pine Tree Lodge on Taylors Bayou where I had fried stuff…  Catfish,shrimp, okra, hush-puppies and  oysters.  After lunch I had another piece of Italian Creme Cake 🙂  We got home Sunday just in time for dinner and we ate at Subway.  I brought it all home with a 6 inch Turkey sub, REAL Lay’s Potato Chips and a cookie! I am officially back on track this morning.  I am going to work out here in a bit then I am gonna hit up the grocery store for lots of healthy food items! I had a ton of fun and enjoyed every bit of  junky food I ate.  I will say that it is only good while i  am  are eating it making me  feel bloated and sluggish afterwards.  I do enjoy our healthy eating lifestyle.

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