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September 11, 2010

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For exercise today I went for a 2 mile walk/run( it was WAY hot) with Matt and then we came home and lifted weights. I worked mostly upper body and core.  Highlight of my workout: Performing 3 sets of 8 chest press with 25lb. dumbbell’s!

A question that I  hear the most is, “what rep rep range should I work in and how much weight should I use?”  The thing is, there are a lot of answers to that question.  It depends on what you want to achieve.  Typically when I start a strength training program with a beginner,  I start them with lighter weights in a high rep range(20 reps) As the client  progresses  I start to mix things up by using heavier weights in a lower range (4-7 reps and 12-15 reps) Sometimes to include intervals of cardio. The idea of muscle confusion, where you constantly change the way you target  the muscle,  makes a lot of sense to me, so I  implement that concept into my own workouts as well as for clients.  Keep it fun and different! If you have hit a plateau  in your strength training routine, add a new move or take an old one  and make it heavier while  performing less reps.  Do you use machines or free weights? Try changing that up for 3 or 4 weeks and see what happens. Do you use a bench to support your body when you do a chest press?  Try resiting your head and neck on a physio ball while supporting your lower body with your legs (in a bridge position) next time.

Any other questions on strength training?  Ask me here.

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